Need a same day loan for wart removal treatment?

Ever had one of those days where you had alot of walking to day and start to get an unbearable shooting pain in the ball of your foot?

I had that just the other day. Boy, it sucked! I thought I must have had a stone in my shoe… until I took my socks off to discover a friggin’ wart!

Yep, there she was. It was only small, but it must have been growing quickly as I hadn’t noticed it the day before.

Then I started thinking about how the hell I was going to get rid of it. The bank account is a little dry, and I know it’s going to cost a fortune to see a doctor to get it burned off.

So I hit the net to do some research. Surely there must be some sort of home remedy or cream or something that will do the trick.

I found a few wart removal creams and liquids online, and I then read some reviews fromĀ . This one sounded pretty promising, and affordable so I wouldn’t need to get a same day loan to pay for it. Bonus! :)

I got a bottle and it comes with an easy applicator. Within a couple of days there was a noticable difference in the wart. I’ll keep using it and keep you posted, but so far, so good. If you want to get some yourself, click here to buy your Wartrol online


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Need a loan for your dog training?

My girlfriend decided its time to by a puppy. Awesome, they’re so cut and cuddly, but they piss everywhere and cry if you leave them alone! Ahh, the fun of puppy training.

So I’ve been phoning around the local dog obedience schools to find out what this exercise is going to set me back. Surprisingly, its not too expensive, but I know that for a lot of people, some good training for your pooch is going to blow out your budget.

Luckily, we’ve got a good selection of same day loan facilities in the local DC area. There’s heaps of pawn shops where you can drop off those unused items, and get yourself some quick cash to get your dog booked into some obedience training. And don’t forget to organize the vaccinations too.

A dog will be a special part of your family, i know ours is already.

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I wish my girl would stop spending all my money

We’ll, we lost the TV. Cheryl couldn’t get another shift at the club, and she went and bought a bucketload of that Phen375 Fat Burner stuff, reckons she needs it to keep the weight off while shes dancing. I know she got it on special with a coupon code, but still, we really needed that cash. And she looks damn hot just the way she is. If that dick of a boss of hers is telling her she’s fat, he’s going to see a few knuckles!

Anyway, luckily dazza had an old TV in the shed which we can use for a while. I’ve paid off that same day loan down at the pawn shop and took my old helmet down for a few bucks too. Bastard would only give me five bucks! I paid $200 for the thing less than a year ago. Friggin’ cheapskate!

Anyway, I should stop ranting and watch the bird cook up some dinner. Later!

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Oh Cock, I iz in need of money

Maaaaan, it’s happened again. Too much week and not enough money. Damn bills keep coming in, and it’s pissing me off :(

Had to go down to the pawn shop again today, took the TV to get a pay day loan so the electricity doesn’t get cut off. Shit. Hope the girl can work an extra shift or two otherwise we wont see that again.

I’ve really got to lose some weight too. I used to spend a fortune on weight loss supps but since the GFC, thats gone out the window… plus its just getting too expensive to buy nice fresh food. And that frozen crap is full of chemicals and GE garbage that stop the fat from coming off, even if you are doing the right exercise.

What can you do? Just keep on keeping on. Maybe one day I’ll make some money from my blog! I can just keep dreaming I guess :)

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